NewsActually – Aug. 9, 2016                         TBI agent is shot and killed during an undercover drug operation in Jackson, Tennessee.                         Blaming Donald Trump, high ranking Republicans turn away from him to join the “Republicans For Hillary” organization. Republicans continue to “Dump Trump”.                        Police in Phoenix, AZ are on a manhunt for a serial killer. They have recovered shell casings and have credible witness reports. Police believe he has killed 7 people since March and has shot more. Strikes at night.                         President Erdogan of Turkey meets with Vladimir Putin in Russia. The two countries hope to patch-up their relationship a bit after Turkey shot down a Russian fighter jet near Syria in 2015.                          Swimmer Michael Phelps of the USA wins 2 more Gold Medals today in the Rio Olympics. Increases his “Most Decorated Olympian in History” gold medal count to 21!                         In a speech today in North Carolina, Trump, seemingly tongue in cheek, tells the crowd that the “Second Amendment People” could stop Hillary. Many see the remark as a reference to shooting her. Others don’t see it that way, but agree it wasn’t the smartest remark for a Presidential Candidate.                              

San Bernardino, CA: “A Raging Monster”: The Blue Cut wildfire is growing… it’s moving north and it’s not slowing down. Authorities report it has now consumed more than 26,000 drought-stricken acres and has forced the evacuation of over 82,000 people from their homes.  The town of Wrightwood, pop. 4,500, has been ordered to completely evacuate. Situation: EXTREME.  Read more..

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